Groom's Mate: Taylor Perfect - Custom Tailor Clothing

Hey Groom! Happy about the umpteen number of dresses that will make a way into your wardrobe after your wedding? 

We do not want to take away that rosy picture but, only would want to tell you that given the rush in which most of the wedding shopping happens most of these dresses might not fit you well. Pardon yourself from the stressful time during your dress-selection, 100s of attempts fitting trying the clothes of your choice and asking your friends if the shirt and trousers match. We have a simple and effective solution for this problem. 

We at Mukta Event Managers are happy to announce the launch of our sister concern Taylor Perfect. Taylor Perfect is a custom designed fashion at an affordable price. Designed by the alumni of finest fashion schools for the men who want to look perfect for any occasion, Taylor Perfect helps you to express yourself! 

How Does It Work?
Taylor Perfect offers you a vast range of fashion on its website. You need to pick the fashion of your choice and can customize the collar, cuff and buttons and the fitting requirements. You need to give your perfect sizes while ordering (based on the video on the website that explains you how to measure yourself perfectly). You will get your signature dress shipped in about a week to you. 

What will Happen if I am not Satisfied?
Not happy with the fitting of the clothing courier it back to us along with your suggestions?? We will re-tailor it and send you back free of cost*!

Can I have my Measurements Taken Offline?
Why not? We understand that some of the customers would want to give their measurements in-person. Please ring us up and we will help you in reaching the closest customer-care center of Taylor Perfect. You can give your measurements to the customer care executive there. 

What is the Advantage that I get as Mukta Event Managers' customer?
You will get a 10% discount on your first three orders. Standout among the crowd during the special moments of your life. Now get the fashion of Milan and New Your to your wardrobes! 

*Offer is valid only for the first-time users.