Significance of Sehra in Wedding

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A Sehra is the head-dress along with a turban worn by the Groom. Traditionally, worn with Garlands or Strings of Flowers hanging, that cover the groom’s face. The Sehra is the equivalent for the Bride’s Ghoonghat, used to cover her face.

When is it used?
Generally worn by the groom on his wedding day. It is worn by the groom, specially in the North-Indian weddings. It is part of his Wedding Attire. Sehrabandi, the process of tying the Sehra, is an exclusive ritual only for the groom’s family and friends.

What are they made from?
It has garlands or strands of flowers hanging with two strings used to tie on the groom’s forehead above the turban, meant to veil the groom’s face.

Where would you find them?
It could be made-to-order in Flower shops or Wedding Supplies Stores.


  • Early morning, once the groom is dressed for the D-Day and all set to leave for baraat, his mother places a coconut in a palla or piece of cloth placed in his lap.
  • The groom’s parents place some money as shagun or luck on top of the coconut and feed him sweets.
  • The groom’s bhabi or Sister-in-Law either puts surma or kajal in the groom’s eyes or places a tiny mark of surma near the corner of his eye. This is to ward off the evil eye. If the groom has more than one bhabi, each take turns to do so, in a hierarchical order.
  • The women who attend the ceremony, sing the song associated with surma.
  • The groom’s mother then gives each bhabi or Sister-in-Law money as shagun for applying surma.
  • The groom’s sister ties the sehra to his pink turban while women sing the associated wedding song.
  • The pink turban is worn by the groom, only after its touched by all guests and family members as a mark of blessing and luck.
  • If the groom has more than one sister, all complete the ritual together.
  • This ceremony is known as Sehrabandi. The word Bandi means “to tie”.
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