Significance of Saat Phera in Wedding

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Saat Phera:
Marriage symbolizes purity and union of two individuals. Therefore, the Seven Pheras play a major role in making a Marital Union Eternal.

It is one of the most significant and important ritual of the Hindu Weddings in India.

Each of the seven vows have a Religious and Mythological Importance of it’s own.

In different languages
Seven Vows in English, Saat Pheras in Hindi, while some relate it as the Seven Pradakshinas.

When is it performed?
On the Wedding day, the Bride’s Father puts a ring on the Boy’s Finger and then gives his daughter to the boy. This Ritual is known as the Kanyadaan. After the Kanyadaan, the Pheras begin. Amidst chanting of the Vedic Mantras, the couple encircles the Holy fire or Agni seven times.

What happens during this ceremony?
With every Phera or Round or Parikrama, they make a promise to their Partner. So, the Bride and Groom make Seven Promises.

As beautiful as it sounds, here’s a listed summary of each vow:

  • First Vow speaks about Nutritious food, as the couple prays for a nourishing and pure diet to live a Happy Life together.
  • Second Vow relates to Strength, to grow mentally, physically and spiritually to overcome the ups and downs in life.
  • Third Vow seeks blessings for a prosperous life by fair means in order lead a comfortable life ahead.
  • Fourth Vow pledges to maintain and strengthen family values and relationships. Thereby, increasing the affection amongst the members of the family.
  • Fifth Vow is a prayer to the Almighty for healthy children. In addition, a promise to be responsible parents to inculcate good values in them.
  • Sixth vow is asking for the gift of a healthy life in order to live long and happy together as a family.
  • Seventh and the last Vow is a commitment for mutual trust and affection. Seeking enlightenment for maturity to be true friends for a lifetime.
  • After this the groom applies Sindoor (vermilion) to the girl’s hair partition and the Mangalsutra ritual takes place where the groom ties the mangalsutra to the girl’s neck. Finally, the bride and groom become a married couple forever, thereby pronounced as a husband and wife.
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