Significance of Hathphool in Wedding

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Hathphool or literally translated flowers of the hand, is worn on the back of the palm worn by Brides as part of the Solah Shringar.

It consists of a string/chain with a ring to the center finger, that is joined to a bracelet around the wrist.

Sometimes, there could be up to four such strings with rings on the fingers that join the bracelet. It would like a Spider’s web.

When is it used?
Generally worn by brides as part of their Solah Shringar. Worn on hennaed hands by the bride to complete her look for D-day. Else, it could also be sported with Western Wear for a Funky Look. It could be combined with a Ring for the Thumb called the Arsi.

What are they made from?
The simpler ones are made from Gold or Silver. The ornate ones with Kundan/Polki are favored by most Brides.

Where would you find them?
Usually available in Jewellery shops or Fancy Stores.

  • As is the case with the rest of the Solah Shringar, the usage of this ornament dates back to pre-historic times.
  • The Hathphool enhances the beauty of the hennaed hands.
  • Along with the Arsi, the rings and the bangles, it draws everyone’s attention.
  • The Hathphool design could also be drawn on tha back of the palm in a Mehendi design.
  • Commonly spotted on Models walking the ramp, teamed with the Nosering to add ‘Oomph’ to their Look.
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