Significance of Anklet in Marriage

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Anklets/Payal/Kolosu as the name suggests is an ornament worn around the ankles of the Bride. A chain or a string of silver accompanied by little clusters of bells.

Also Called
Payal/Ghungru in Hindi, Kolusu in Tamil, Pattelu in Telugu, Nupur in Bengali, Painjan in Marathi.

When is it used?
Used by girls and women of all ages especially on festive occasions and Weddings. As per Hindu Tradition, a Married Woman should continue wearing the anklets since she represents Goddess Lakshmi for the household. Worn on the ankles of the Bride, it makes a pleasant sound when she moves. It is believed that a Bride announces her entry into her new household with the pleasant sound of the anklets.

What are they made from?
Traditionally made from Silver as it is considered inauspicious to wear Gold on the Feet. However, these are available in Gold as as well.

They could be encrusted with Kundan or Polki or any other precious stone. Leather, Plastic or metal ones are also used for everyday use.

Where would you find them?
Usually available in Jewellery Stores, Novelty Shops or Fancy Stores.

  • These ornaments have been again worn since pre-historic times.
  • The usage can be traced back to women in Egypt, Africa and Asia. Besides, their aesthetic use, anklets carry significant health benefits.
  • It is believed that the silver anklets helps the Bride keep cool and calm by improving blood circulation.
  • They are also used to make a fashion statement and could be teamed with Western outfits too.
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