Innovative Event Management Company in Hyderabad

Inno Garage has invested into hyper-local event management company in Hyderabad called Mukta Event Managers in 2011. The company concentrated primarily on innovating new ways of celebrating in India. Focusing on birthdays and wedding the company is now regarded as the thought leader in South Indian Event Management Circuit. 

We have experimented on new ideas, took risks. Talked to a lot of people from the film industry and technology.This was the point at which we wanted to expand beyond traditional event management. 

We tried to get  innovative concepts like augmented reality into the picture. We have worked on augmented reality, 4K Cams for Candid Photography, 3d holograms and 3D Echo systems in Marriages. Now that helped us in differentiating among the myriad of other event managers in Hyderabad. 

The company focused on bringing technology with human touch into the traditional marriages. This helped the company in developing itself into a new age wedding planner in Hyderabad. 

The innovations done by Mukta Event Managers in Hyderabad include: 
  • Fist 3D Echo Marriage in Hyderabad: Rishikesh and Aparna
  • Holographic Marriage in Hyderabad: For Akruthi and Ankit Bhatia
  • First Augmented Reality Birthday Party: Baby Hansika 
  • Mid Air Wedding: Praful and Ridhima