Why Do You Need an Event Manager for Wedding?

Hiring the right wedding planner is quintessential to a perfect dream wedding. One of the most important things that a planner can do for a bride and groom and their families is provide them with peace of mind. We are sure you need that. 

So here we are, providing you with exclusive pre to post wedding facilities that you”ll find nowhere else. Below lies the mammoth task ahead of you: 

  • Assistance in wedding favors
  • Assistance in wedding invites
  • Drafting duty charts of vendors
  • Drawing wedding itinerary
  • Event flow & scheduling
  • Ideation and conceptualisation of theme
  • Licensing and permission
  • Menu planning
  • Multimedia set design and production
  • Regular client meetings
  • Venue d├ęcor selection
  • Venue selection and visits

  • Artist management
  • Coordination with vendors
  • Facilitating execution of rituals
  • Guest hospitality
  • Logistic management
  • Managing travel desk
  • Overall venue management
  • Security arrangements
  • Setting up of venue
  • Stage & backstage management
  • Welcome of guests

  • Facilitating guest departures
  • Event management analysis
  • Set dismantling
  • Settling accounts with vendors
  • Thank you cards