Telugu Brahmin Event Managers

Mukta Event Managers was started in 2003 with the primary aim of meeting the catering requirements of the Brahmin community in connection with their various religious functions and celebrations. We can provide full range of service including catering service for various functions like Nischyadartham, Marriage, Upanayanam, Seemantham, Birthday, Sathabhiseham, Rudra Ekadsi etc. Even as we strive to provide quality food items, the sanctity of the various rituals is scrupulously observed. 

Marriages are made in Heaven, but conducted on earth as a festive occasion in the presence of relatives, friends and other invitees. In keeping with modern life style and trends, the festivities have undergone radical changes, even though religious rites are still maintained as per traditional practice.

As physical support from relatives and friends have shrunk considerably, on account of alround time-constraints, management of a marriage function is now more and more outsourced to professional teams. Mukta Event Managers has been in the fore-front in offering a one-stop and super service to the community in such Event-Management of Brahmin marriages anywhere in India .

Mukta Event Managers service is managed by Nikhil Kuruganti and Mukta Phani Shekar -, who have close association with the successful conduct of over 1500 marriages, ever since they started Mukta Event Managers. Originally started as a Catering Unit, the service has now developed into an event-managers in Hyderabad taking care of all details from Reception to ‘bye-bye’, leaving both the bride’s and bridegroom’s parties relaxed and free or tension. Mukta Event Managers is tailored to suit different strata of society as well as differing sizes of invitees.

Mukta Event Managers team includes both ladies and gents, all individually trained to serve with a smile. Whenever necessary, fixing of Kalyana Mandapam and Purohits, printing of Invitations, Video Coverage and other allied services are also undertaken, to give the customers turn-key service to make them feel that the marriage is really conducted as in Heaven.

Mukta Event Managers are available Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Bangalore Major cites in India, and we can take care of the full range of services required in connection with the Brahmin community's various functions / celebration such as Wedding (Kalyanam), Nischyadartham, Marriage, Upanayanam, Seemantham, Birthday, Sathabhiseham, Rudra Ekadsi and more.

To know more about us, please click here and also you can view Brahmin's marriage procedures & our services, and also our other services. You can contact us for more query. Often called as the best event managers in Hyderabad, we will make your marriage a memorable affair.